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Resume Tips

Writing a Good Resume

Your resume serves as an advertisement about you. It’s the best method of selling yourself to an employer, and also serves as their first impression of you and your suitability for a job. What you write should convince the employer of what you have to offer their organization, and should entice them to set up a personal interview so that you can demonstrate in-person that you are the right person for the job.

There are two generally accepted formats for resumes, Chronological and Functional.

The chronological resume is very popular because it is very easy to set up. It is also preferred by employers because it can be reviewed quickly. The chronological resume is like a history of yourself that starts with your current or most recent job and work backwards

The functional resume is a good choice for someone with gaps in their employment history or for someone who is making a career change. The format of a functional resume focuses on key areas of responsibility as opposed to employment history.

Key Aspects of a Good Resume:

Keep it simple, Presentation Counts, Organization, and Market yourself