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Dress to Impress

"Dress for Success" - Make sure that the outfit you plan to wear is clean, all the buttons are secure. Set aside the 'power suit' that says you are a business professional, a day prior to your interview. That would avoid a mad scramble the day of your interview. In other words...put your best suit on and sell yourself! There is a saying: If you already look the part, you have more of a chance at getting the job.

"First Impressions" - As important as the clothes you wear, is the way you present yourself - Body Language. First impressions do make a difference. Walk into the interview office, standing straight and looking confident. Offer a firm, dry handshake. Do not get excited. Take note of your body posture. Sit straight, but relaxed. Your arms resting in a natural position. Fidgeting, clasping of hands, picking nails, or figer-tappings shows your nervousness and does not bode well in any interview. It is essential to maintain eye contact. Above all breathe easily and don't forget to occasionally smile.